CL!CK Carabiner.

Winter season is just around the corner and I just found this information about a great tool that may come in handy 🙂 (though I hope it won’t).

The CL!CK Carabiner created by Mark Schmid isn’t just a plain carabiner, it’s packed with helpful tools for skiers and snowboarders. Now if something happens to you on the hill you won’t have to come down, go back to the lodge or stop skiing or snowboarding – you’ll be able to fix the problem yourself 🙂

click_carabinerSource: gizmag

The CL!CK Carabiner comes in 2 versions: one for skiers and one for snowboarders.

With the ski tool, buyers get a #2 Phillips head screwdriver that can be adjusted to 90- and 180-degree angles. A #3 Phillips is also included, as is a bottle opener. The last tool, and the one that is only on the ski version, is a large slot screwdriver, which is made specifically for adjusting ski bindings.

click_carabinerSource: gizmag

With the snowboard version, the #2 and #3 Phillips is still included, as is the bottle opener. The large slot screwdriver is replaced with a 3-mm and 4-mm hex wrench, which is the tool required for fixing and adjusting snowboard bindings.

click_carabinerSource; gizmag

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Source: Cl!ck Carabiner

More info about this great little tool you can find here 🙂

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