200 days to go :)

27 th of June, is the day from which we can count 200 days untill the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Seefeld and the Tyrol region of Austria.

Everything is going according to plan, all preparations are being made. Innsbruck 2012 CEO Peter Bayer explains:

“The vision of the Youth Olympic Games is within touching distance, and the whole team is working with incredible enthusiasm. Every single person can feel the fascination of this major sporting event and is living the Olympic Spirit!”

For more info check: www.innsbruck2012.com

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  1. qubix15 pisze:

    Rok 2012 zapowiada się rokiem sportu. Mistrzostwa. Olimpiady. Ciekawe czy starczy czasu na zwykłą codzienność? 🙂

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